Some thoughts before departure...

  • I am still not a vet, doctor, lawyer, dog trainer, cia agent, fbi agent or a navy seal so...walk
  • I am doing this for the challenge of course, and I hope to gain a confidence that comes with this type of endeavor. But also I hope to gain some new knowledge about the world and the truths that reside in it.
  • Am I walking to "find myself"? Or just to take a walk. You decide...and you'll probably be right.
  • I'm not in the best shape of my life, but I do have a lot of new great gear so....
  • After living with my parents the last 2 years, it makes perfect sense to walk 2650 miles - alone.
  • Yes there will be bears, cougars, rattlesnakes and scorpions both imagined and real along the way. I'm definitely more worried about those imagined.
  • Am I scared? Not as of yet, more of just a constantly increasing anticipation. But check back with me on the 3rd night in the desert.
  • I tried to keep my pack fairly light, but I definitely would not call it ultralight. Somehow when I added up all my ultralight gear and put it in my ultralight pack, I ended up with just slightly heavy.
  • My biggest concern for this trip is that I get too hungry somewhere along the way, my brain goes awol as it usually does when I get hungry and subsequently you never hear from me again...I'll try to eat frequently.
  • I am not Christopher McCandless. This is not Into the Wild.

Monday, September 15, 2008

250 miles left, whoa

Day 133, Mile 2401.8---Mice again last night. I gave up immediately this time and after hitting my pack once i rolled over and went back to sleep. Had a nice little hike into Snoqualime this morning; we made it in by 11ish. I had decided it would mean a lighter pack and a quicker pace if i didn't carry water. It did, but by the time i made it in i was very very thirsty. A liter of Gatorade solved that. Breakfast was had and the chores commenced. One of the benefits of hiking with a group is getting to split hotel rooms. Got everything handled and wow i am having a hard time forming sentences. The TV is on, people are talking on the phone, my mind is not strong enough apparently. The group is breaking up to some degree but we will probably be back some degree by Skykomish at the Dinsmores. The Dinsmores are the only trail angels who accept hikers into their home like the Saufleys or the Hietmans etc in the entire Northwest. So i am looking forward to that and yeah this isn't working at all. Plus i am laying in a bed which is nice and soft and wants me to be asleep already. Oh and now there is a show on how boomerangs are made - life on the trail. Thought of the day; i look forward to a day off that isn't considered a "zero". Song of the day; i do not recall. Craving of the day; green bean casserole, a fresh ripe peach, a chicken dish i used to make at home with a sesame dressing from Costco.

JWC on the PCT

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