Some thoughts before departure...

  • I am still not a vet, doctor, lawyer, dog trainer, cia agent, fbi agent or a navy seal so...walk
  • I am doing this for the challenge of course, and I hope to gain a confidence that comes with this type of endeavor. But also I hope to gain some new knowledge about the world and the truths that reside in it.
  • Am I walking to "find myself"? Or just to take a walk. You decide...and you'll probably be right.
  • I'm not in the best shape of my life, but I do have a lot of new great gear so....
  • After living with my parents the last 2 years, it makes perfect sense to walk 2650 miles - alone.
  • Yes there will be bears, cougars, rattlesnakes and scorpions both imagined and real along the way. I'm definitely more worried about those imagined.
  • Am I scared? Not as of yet, more of just a constantly increasing anticipation. But check back with me on the 3rd night in the desert.
  • I tried to keep my pack fairly light, but I definitely would not call it ultralight. Somehow when I added up all my ultralight gear and put it in my ultralight pack, I ended up with just slightly heavy.
  • My biggest concern for this trip is that I get too hungry somewhere along the way, my brain goes awol as it usually does when I get hungry and subsequently you never hear from me again...I'll try to eat frequently.
  • I am not Christopher McCandless. This is not Into the Wild.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

no reception, no exception

Day 103, Mile 1808ish---Today was a flashback from the Sierra's, except boring. Flashback because today we entered the Sky Lakes Wilderness which should be renamed Giant Bloodsucker Wilderness. I got eaten alive today before i finally put on DEET, and that lasted most of the day. The combination of bugs, a flat forested trail, and feeling bad about tomorrow, made today fairly shitty. I asked Icebag for his phone this morning so that i could try and get a text or call out during the day. At one point i had 4 bars out of 7 and got nada. My only hope is either my aunt and uncle decide not to come out or one of the texts made it through somehow; both unlikely i think. I had the image of my Uncle Rob and Aunt Terri waiting outside the Post Office for me for half the day tomorrow in my head for all of the day today. I am going to hope, wish, and pray that it all works out. I actually found out today from Icebag that the Post Office closes at 3pm so i won't even be able to get my boxes tomorrow. The main problem is getting my charger out of my bounce box and charging my camera batteries. I actually think i might bounce it ahead to Sisters and head in there with Icebag for a possible zero. I don't know what i am doing at all actually. It seems to work out for the best out here, I'm banking on that this time. I just want to be at Cascade Locks with family, like yesterday. Well this has been a lovely post. On a good note, i ate a wild huckleberry today that tasted like a blueberry and a guava mixed. Meteor shower tonight, i doubt i could keep my eyes open for it; maybe i will wake up in the middle of the night and catch one. Thought of the day; selfishness, not money, is the root of all evil. Song of the day; waaa waaa waaaaa wa wa she's got me lookin like im dumb, shudah known, shudah left that girl alone - i think it goes something like that and by who i have no clue. Craving of the day; eggs benedict of sorts- take a 8inch onion sub sandwich roll (like the one i had at Hero Sandwhich in Ashland) cut it in half and lightly toast it. Next layer on shrimp cut in half lengthwise and sauteed in roasted garlic and butter with a little salt. Next layer very thinly sliced fresh Bosc pear rings (can be cooked slightly in hot pan with butter). Next layer is 3 sunnyside eggs on each roll. Add desired amount of Hollandaise sauce to the top. Also craved a couple freshly peeled carrots with a bowl of ranch dressing.

JWC on the PCT

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